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Understanding Patient Behaviors

Most doctors spend an average of 7 minutes with each patient, making it impossible to provide adequate education about condition(s). Roughly 35% of Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions are not engaged in their own healthcare and drastically deteriorate over time.

of patients will be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge

will experience a medical error due to miscommunications

have poor care coordination between their different providers

experience health consequences as a result of poor communication

lose confidence in the healthcare system

Source: Adapted from AARP & You, “Beyond 50.09” Patient Survey.

The Evidence-Based Model

Using evidence-based clinical research and measurement tools for patient activation and engagement, our chronic care management model will:

  • Provide condition-specific education to each patient for better self-management
  • Address both provider and patient behaviors to develop positive health outcomes
  • Utilize best clinical practices by assessing patient needs, identifying barriers, and providing care-specific information as outlined by primary providers
  • Encourage self-management by using a “learn by doing” approach and positive reinforcement
  • Measure and document patient accomplishments
  • Utilize specific principles that encourage transformation. Address comprehension and communication barriers, create realistic and attainable goals, celebrate the wins, and build a culture of learning to improve health



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